Affiliate Program


Bliss Fit is all about health, wellness, and simply feeling your best in a way that is unique to your lifestyle. Whether it's in the comfort of your living room, in the gym, or out with the girls, we aim to help you find bliss as you move between daily life activities.

The Bliss Fit Affiliate Program is an opportunity to share our carefully crafted athleisure apparel with your community while earning commissions.


Get Started

Contact us—let us know you'd like to be a BF partner, include your social media links, and one sentence on why you think you'd be a great fit!

Standard Commission Structure

A standard commission of up to 10% is given on all products (subject to change).

Special Offers and Promotions

Bliss Fit Affiliates get 30% off on their first order (must purchase to start making earnings) and a unique 10% discount code to share with their audience. Codes cannot be used with any other Bliss Fit offers.


Bliss Fit Affiliates will receive monthly reports and payments for orders made through their links.


As a Bliss Fit Affiliate, you work as an independent—not considered an employee of Bliss Fit—and can work on your own terms for as long as you'd like, unless otherwise communicated.


Bliss Fit will communicate important Affiliate updates through email as needed.